Mountain Hiking in Sonora

Sonora fuses beautiful and unexpected landscapes, impressive canyons located in the Sierra Madre Occidental which outlined sand dunes with giant saguaros, broad valleys that cross the territory to the ocean and its coasts and beaches that move us with its beautiful sunsets.

Hiking takes us to see beautiful scenery, some interesting nooks and unexplored places that give us the opportunity to come into direct contact with nature.

This is a practice that has been expanding internationally with great success for our organization and offers entry to exotic, remote and different places of novelty for residents and tourists.

Mountain hiking allows us to travel to environments of relaxation, beautiful landscapes with natural environments where abundant sound of birds or influent water of our streams and rivers.

Sonora offers natural diversity, therefore, a variety of alternative activities and outdoor sports, which has led to the promotion of rural areas and picnics, cattle ranches, farmland where guided ecotourism is practiced.

The beautiful landscapes and the quality of care of our people offer visitors a pleasurable stay ideal for ecotourism and for those who dare to experience new adventures.

Here we suggest some places to practice mountain hiking
•      Tourist ranches
•      Buffering zone in Pinacate Reserve and Gran Altar desert
•      Reserve Mesa del Campanero-Arroyo
•      Cuchujaqui reserve
•      Sierra Alta Route
•      Sierra Mar Route
•      Yécora route
•      Hiking in Arizona
Among many other paradisiacal states that will surprise practitioners of this activity by its beauty and natural wealth.

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