Mountain Biking in San Carlos

The natural conditions of San Carlos and the surrounding area have attracted the attention of experts and fans of this sport, not only for the variety of  routes offered, but also for the magnificence of the route along the majestic Sea of Cortes.

The experts recommend: 
•      El Soldado track: 7.6 kilometers of trails formed by hills, ravines and valleys.
•      Visita al Potrero: A dirt road access which is 11kilometers and another road which is 8km along trails, desert, mountains and oases.
•      Los Anegados: easy to cross and rarely visited paths; wildlife in sight.
•      San José de Guaymas: The path to this old mission is illustrative and comforting.
•      Cerro del Vigia: Strength and good equipment are helpful, but not critical.
•      El Faro de Guaymas: 10 kilometer walk, mandatory for all visitors.

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