Cycling in Sonora 

Sonora is an ideal location for mountain biking as it has beautiful tours through diverse ecosystems ranging from coniferous forests to desert landscapes, not to forget its coasts, beaches, trails, rural roads, cross natural reserves and deep glens, being a hard place to find elsewhere.
Both mountain and road bikers can surround themselves with a huge and exhilarating variety of sites.
The growing number of travelers do not want to be just spectators, as they like to live with the environment, living a new adventure and there is no better way to do this that on a bicycle.
Today, mountain biking has become a sport of explosive growth not only practiced by elite athletes, but now extends to all family members.
Apart from the benefits to health that mountain biking brings, it is exciting (not in vain that it is categorized within the so - called extreme sports), it is versatile and is the ideal means for ecotourism, rural tourism and adventure.

Practice Sites 
Within the City of Hermosillo, there are 2 classic tracks for cycling enthusiasts road. The first is located in the hills of Bachoco and has existed for 13 years. It has courses taught by cyclists ranging from the simple to fairly technical. The second track located in La Jolla neighborhood, was recently created and has served as headquarters of a national race thanks to its complicated design and technical level.
Vuelta al Dique 10 is a track that is close to Ciudad Obregon that starts on a water dike and  ascends and descends gradually, with constant additions to the track that generate new risks and opportunities for adventure seekers.
Outside the city, we find the “Caridad” track within the hunting ranch of the same name considered one of the most attractive for the beauty of its geography characteristic;
Inside “Pintada” Canyon, we find the track of the same name on the road to Guaymas, which in addition to a fun and beautiful course, offers a particularly attractive trip, since this canyon was the natural home of the Seri tribe and is filled with paintings that the tourist will admire.
To complete the course, the State of Sonora has a wide range of mountain systems constituting an ideal place to visit among, including Cerro Pico Guacamayas, Sierra Los Ajos, San José, La Charola, San Luis, La Mariquita, Hachita Hueca, La Madera, Aconchi, Mazatán, El Pinacate and Sierra libre.


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