Cycling Events 

Although this sport is relatively young in our state, it already has gained a passionate following and become a tradition of its own.
•      The Tremo Challenge epic ride which is done in two days, passing through populations that include Seguro, Rancho Viejo, Pueblo de Álamos and Santa Rosalía de Ures and involve spending a night in the highest part of the beautiful Sierra de Mazatán where lakes are surrounded by oaks and belloteros.
The journey is 220 kilometers long and can be accomplished in a vehicle.
It is an adventure and an opportunity to see wonderful places we never thought existed so close to the city.
The voyage is organized by the Tremos group, which is the same that originated it in 1998 and has been active in organizing such events since then.
•      Insomnia 12 is a night endurance race, which lasts for 12 continuous hours and is to travel a short pre-set route on the track of La Joya, which is considered one of the origins of international racing.
Such well known personalities as Ziranda Madrigal, Armando Zacarias, Tinker Juarez, Todd Wells, Jason Tullous, Dara Marks and Caroline Labarre, have participated in this events with other great mountain bikers.
This event is spectacular. It begins at 7 pm on a Saturday and ends at 7 am on Sunday. The bikes are equipped with special lighting systems to run at the same speeds even during downhills.
•      The Mountain Rally challenge is between 60 and 70 kilometers of mountain terrain which are traveled in one day. This is considered an extremely exhausting challenge, both for runners and for the logistics coordinators.

•     Convivencia Ciclista Rio Sonora / MTB Route, is a race of mountain bikers, home of the Rio Sonora, natural beauty, unique gastronomy and family sports.
Concentrating on Banámichi, with a distance of over 35 km the first day of competition and another 30 kilometer family-tour of the towns of the Río Sonora, which host more than 700 participants and their families.
•      “Vuelta Sonora Arizona” represents a great opportunity to promote the sport in Mexico and the United States and to promote familiarity of the main cities of the two states.
Organized for the first time from February 22-27, 2005, thanks to the support of the Government of Sonora, the cities along the way and companies and institutions committed to development of youth who practice this sport, it is an event worthy of admiration and has  attracted participants of dozens of cyclists of our country and the United States.

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