Hunting in Sonora 

Sonora: natural wealth, biodiversity and five different ecosystems are the habitat of species of unique fauna and high hunting value.
About 300 ranches with great potential and services are distributed throughout Sonora, known for the presence of mule deer, one of the most coveted trophies worldwide, as well as bighorn sheep and white - tailed deer.
The quality of these precious specimens has given our State international fame that guarantees that "the Great Desert Safari" is an unforgettable experience in these beautiful lands.

Major Hunting
Predominant species  
•      Bighorn sheep is one of the four desert sheep that currently exists, it can only be found in the mountains of northwestern Sonora.
•      Mule Deer of Sonora-hunting mule deer today is one of the most appreciated worldwide in the field of hunting trophies, as their antlers easily reach an opening 35 "coming to find animals exceeding 100 kilos of weight and scoring more than 200 points in the Boone and Crocket association.
•      White Tail Deer inhabits from the mountains in the desert, to the top of the Sierra Madre Occidental; the hunting of this animal is practiced under the personal attention of guides. No wonder that these pieces appear in the record books as the great development of their antlers and great opportunity of choice.
•      Collared peccary adults of this species reach a body length of 80 to 90 centimeters, with a body weight of 14-30 kilos. It is found distributed in most of the State of Sonora and presented in groups ranging from 14 to 50 individuals between males and females.

Small Game Hunting 
Weather, marshes, wetlands and coastal areas of Sonora are home to a vast variety of migratory and native birds, such as ducks, geese and brants, Mourning Doves, white and purple wing Doves, Gambel quail and wild turkey, which are an opportunity to harvest trophies for those who participate in tournaments for hunting turkey.

•      Wild turkey-This species inhabits the mountains of “pino-encino.” It mainly emphasizes its large size; its weight ranges between 25 and 30 pounds and was hunting during the rutting season, producing the sounds of collating and fight with practical callers.
•      Quail. The practice of hunting these birds is using dogs that are skillfully trained and given the widespread and abundant populations to reach the limits allowed.
•      Ducks and Geese-Hunting of these beautiful species is under the assistance of expert guides callers and the region; the hunting areas are large bodies of water found throughout the state and farmland.
The speed in flight and visual acuity possessing these species require the hunter all his skill in order to hunt them.
10 different species of duck and 3 of goose arrive in the State.

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