Bahía de Kino

Kino Bay

The Beach of Hermosillo

Its name is taken in honor of the Jesuit missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino, who visited this site in the 17th century. It was until 1930 that it was officially founded by fishermen. However, the indigenous people settled here much earlier, maintaining and sharing, to this day, their culture and traditions. It is one of the most beautiful and safest beaches in Sonora and even in Mexico; therefore, it allows a wide range of activities to be carried out. It is part of the municipality of Hermosillo.

El Tiburon Island

It is an ecological reserve where human settlements are not allowed. Visitaitions are only through a permit that is granted in Punta Chueca, by Seri authorities. It is the largest island in Mexico, with 1,200 km2.

Attractions: kayaks; songs, dances and Seri games; guided tours

Seri New Year

One of the most significant parties in Sonora is the Seri New Year, held every July 1st. The Comcáac nation itself organizes it. The celebration starts early in the morning with the traditional Danza del Venado.

Attractions: reed games, traditional songs, pintacaritas (Seri traditional make up)

Punta Chueca

It is the largest populous concentration of the Seri ethnic group. There live around 150 families, which gives a total of just over 700 inhabitants. It is a modest place, full of outdoor activities and hospitality.

Attractions: crafts, sanction rituals, temazcal

Magic Kino

With an area of 6.5 hectares, it is the third inclusive water park in the country. People with disabilities and adults over 65 can enter for free. Open from Thursday to Sunday.

Attractions: large pools, wading pools, games, courts, palapas

Ayuntamiento OCV de Hermosillo

Average temperature:

January  75 – 48 °C
February  79 – 50 °C
March  81 – 52 °C
April  88 – 57 °C
May  93 – 63 °C
June  98 – 70 °C
July  100 – 75 °C
August  100 – 75 °C
September  98 – 73 °C
October  93 – 64 °C
November  84 – 55 °C
December  75 – 48 °C

High season:

February to July

Type of tourism:

Beach / Adventure / Ecological / Historical

Distance from Hermosillo:

67.4 mi (1.5 hours)


Urban bus

Mapa de Bahía de Kino