San Luis Río Colorado

San Luis Rio Colorado

A young city and an important Customs post in the State

On Northwest of Sonora, adjacent to Mexicali (Baja California) and bounded by the changing sands of the Altar desert, one of the youngest cities in the State and one of its most important Customs post. It is surrounded by unique natural attractions, such as El Pinacate Reserve and the Great Desert of Altar. It has great dynamism as a city, thanks to its bicultural status and a population eager for enriching experiences, especially in culture, arts, and entertainment.

Inmaculada Concepcion Temple

Especially in December, the temple offers singing shows by the local choir “Salve Maria”, as well as presentations from other groups from all of the country and abroad. It is also famous for the Pope John Paul II sculpture.

Attractions: Benito Juarez Park, nearby shops.

Santa Clara Gulf

Water Activities

Located nearly where the Colorado River flows into the Gulf of California, forming a broad delta. The surroundings are of great wealth and ecological diversity and a protected reserve declared for more than 20 years.

Attractions: Water activities, camping, off-road.

Laguna Prieta

This desert landscape is made up of majestic dunes where there was a unique lagoon. This place brings together lovers of sports in the sand and off-road racing vehicles. It is located 30 minutes from the city.

Attractions: Off-road racing, sandboarding.

City Hall

Average temperature:

January 70 – 41 °F
February 73 – 45 °F
March 79 – 48 °F
April 88 – 54 °F
May 95 – 61 °F
June 104 – 68 °F
July 106 – 77 °F
August 106 – 77 °F
September 102 – 70 °F
October 91 – 61 °F
November 79 – 50 °F
December 70 – 43 °F

High season:

Septiembre a diciembre, enero a abril

Type of tourism:

Beach / Adventure / Cultural

Distance from HMO:

391.5 mi (7.5 horas)


Taxi / Bus / Uber

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