Iglesia de Cócorit


The Birds Town

One of the eight towns of the Yaqui ethnic group, a place with history and tradition, which over time has preserved, valued and defended its historical, cultural and natural heritage. Its name is derived from the Yaqui Ko’okoi language, which means chili, pepper or spicy.

Yaquis Museum

In an old guest house built in 1890, is the Yaquis Museum, one of the five ethnographic museums that exist in the world and was recognized by National Geographic for being one of the few destined for the preservation of indigenous culture.

Attractions: Dance of the Deer, Yaqui clothing, musical instruments, exhibition hall, sale of books.

Colorful Bird Murals

When walking through the streets of Cócorit you can admire the colorful ecological murals of beautiful birds on the facades of the houses or, if you prefer, you can take a tour in the YaquiTour.

Attractions: variety of local and migratory birds.

Nuestra Señora Guadalupe Church

It has a neo-Gothic style and dates from evangelization.

Plaza de Armas

Meeting point and where the traditional dances of the population are commonly done.

Attractions: carved trees over 300 years old, dances.

La Casa de Adobe

Cultural center with an opening for the expression of culture and art, in addition to activities related to health care, promotes personal and community development. It has a delicious coffee – restaurant inside called Los Chanates.

Attractions: art workshops, presentations, exhibitions, talks.

Other attractions in Cocorit

There is a great variety of coffee shops and restaurants ideal for spending the afternoon having something refreshing, typical and healthy. A famous place is La Komunila, a Yaqui ramada, formerly military headquarters and school, which today has two restaurants and a bar with craft beers.

Attractions: restaurants, coffee shops.

City Hall Obregon CVB

Average temperature:

January  79 – 50 ºF
February  82 – 52 ºF
March  86 – 55 ºF
April  93 – 59 ºF
May  97 – 64 ºF
June  102 – 75 ºF
July  102 – 80 ºF
August  102 – 80 ºF
September  102 – 79 ºF
October  97 – 70 ºF
November  89 – 56 ºF
December  80 – 52 ºF

High season:

March to June and December

Type of tourism:

Cultural / Historic / Gastronomic

Distance from HMO:

155.3 mi (3 huors)


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