Iglesia de Ures


Cradle of great artists and educators, as well as men and women passionate about culture, the formerly dubbed “The Athens of Sonora” is one of the oldest and most peculiar cities of Sonora. It was its capital twice and the scenario of a heroic day in which the freedom of the Mexican people was defended before a group of French imperialists. Nowadays, it is a tourist and historical point very dear and visited by the Sonoran.

Places of interest

Zaragoza Square, Jesus Ochoa Theater and the San Miguel Arcangel Catholic Church are the main buildings that make up the City Center; also nearby are the Town Hall, Regional Museum and House of Culture.

Attractions: Bakeries, craft shops, and typical regional sweets.

Paseo El Gavilan

It is a meeting point for families who prefer to have direct contact with nature. Along the course of its waters, it is possible to spend the day next to its grills, crossing its roads or challenging its dirt road with all-terrain cars.

Attractions: Camping, hiking, horseback riding, off-road.

Main Festivities

Among the various celebrations of the town, the most important are Fiestas de la Candelaria, held during the week of February 2nd, and Fiestas de San Rafael, in honor of this saint, during the week of June 24th.

Attractions: Rodeos, public dances, concerts, horse races.


A good stop is the Guadalupe de Ures and Municipal cemeteries. Several of its graves are hundreds of years old, and it is well known that in the first one a famous French colonel was buried.

Attractions: Graves dating back to 1700.

City Hall

Average temperature:

January  24 – 6 °F
February  25 – 7 °F
March  27 – 8 °F
April  32 – 11 °F
May  36 – 14 °F
June  39 – 20 °F
July  39 – 25 °F
August  37 – 24 °F
September  37 – 22 °F
October  34 – 16 °F
November  28 – 9 °F
December  25 – 7 °F

High season:


Type of tourism:

Ecological / Cultural / Historic

Distance from HMO:

49 mi (1 huor)


Taxi / Urban bus

Ubica Ures