Gastronomía en Sonora


Famous for having the best Carne Asada, Sonoran Gastronomy is distinguished by its unique flavor and delicious variety. We invite you to try delicious seafood, traditional sweets, stews, and broths, as well as the proud drink of Sonora, the Bacanora.

Carne Asada

The traditional charcoal barbecue of beef, accompanied by Mexican sauces, beans, and flour tortillas, is the most popular Sonoran dish at parties and events throughout the State. Hermosillo is considered the capital of Carne Asada, held the Guinness Record for the “World’s Largest Carne Asada”.

Parrilleros de Sonora


Whether fresh or cooked, Seafood is offered in many destinations of Sonora, be it beach or city. Cocktails, toasts, tacos, clams, and oysters in the shell, among other delicacies from the sea, make up the menu of countless establishments, from carts to award-winning restaurants.


Hot dogs Sonora Style

Originally a North American dish, the hot dog has been customized in Sonora by including ingredients such as cooked beans, Mexican sauce, mushrooms, or even guacamole. Each city has its own style, so searching for the most delicious is a fun and flavorful gastronomic exercise.

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It is a distillate originating from a town of the same name in Sonora. It is made from the cooking, fermentation, and distillation of agave, as well as tequila and mezcal. After recent certifications, Bacanora, a regional drink, can now be marketed internationally.

Consejo Sonorense Regulador del Bacanora

Flour Tortillas

Gorditas, for tacos, or large for Burros just as big, flour tortillas are an art in their preparation and a delight for the palate. The Sonoran Flour Tortilla can be eaten alone, with a little butter spread or with all kinds of dishes, from Carne Asada to traditional broths and stews. Try one freshly made!

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A mix between cookie and Empanada, this Sonoran dessert is made with wheat flour, shortening, sugar, typically filled with Piloncillo. Today, there are many different flavors, even ice cream filling. For many, after a good Carne Asada, a delicious Coyota and brewed coffee.

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Obregon has one of the best-cured meats in the country, Cecina. This dish can also be found in Hermosillo and in some other cities of the State. It is beef cured in the sun, with lemon and salt; once tanned, it is grilled. Try it with beans, grilled Panela cheese, and various sauces.

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Carne con Chile

carne con chileIt is a typical dish throughout the State, it is easy to prepare and delicious for its spicy touch. Made with beef and different types of red chili peppers.