Caballero de Anza Trail

The Historical Trail of the Explorer Juan Bautista de Anza

It is a binational trail between Sonora and the United States that seeks to promote the cultural richness of both regions by following the route taken by the military and explorer Juan Bautista de Anza to San Francisco, California.

“Go up!”, A familiar call from Spanish Lieutenant Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza. In 1775-1776, Anza took more than 240 men, women, and children on a land trip across the New Spain border to settle for Alta California. He traveled 2,016 miles in the footsteps of this multi-ethnic and fearless expedition and explored the rich cultural history of communities from San Miguel de Horcasitas, Sonora to San Francisco, California through the inhospitable Sonoran desert. In such an important feat, he participated as lieutenant José Joaquín Moraga and as chaplain the Franciscan friar Pedro Font, for his ability to set coordinates.

They established a mission and presidio in the current city of San Francisco, California. The Anza Trail was designated a National Historic Trail by the United States Congress in 1990.


Caballero de Anza corrido

The soldiers and families took the language, customs, religion, and everything that cover the Hispanic-Mexican culture from our Sonoran lands. Most of the members of the expedition were born in America, in lands of New Spain, but their roots came from different races: European, Mestizo, Indigenous, and African.