Sonoran Cuisine and Traditions


 The Sonoran Cuisine

Sonoran Bread, sweets and desserts 
The diversity of cultures, traditions and ecosystems in Sonora similarly generate a variety of snacks, desserts, delicious breads and sweets very unique in comparison to the rest of the other states in the country.
Sweets are derived from cow's milk, sugar cane, peanuts, wheat flour, rice, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, nuts, sesame seeds, almonds and brown sugar which are proper for once delight.
Some of our desserts are: Pipitoria, Jamoncillo, Covered Viznaga, Covered pumpkin, Covered sweet potato, pumpkin in honey, roasted peanuts, Piloncillo, sesame seeds, covered papaya, Caramel, Crystallized orange and lemon, sweet cones, cane seats, dates in honey, Palanqueta nut and peanut, corn cake, roast and boiled corn with cheese, rice pudding, pumpkin and guava pies, famous village coyotas, snow dragon fruit, sweet pitahaya and ponteduro.

Sonoran tamales 
The distinguishing feature of delicious Sonoran tamales is in its exquisite corn dough stuffed with meat or olives, beans, vegetables, potatoes, corn, red chile, among other ingredients, wrapped in corn husk and steam cooked.
The types of tamales vary in different regions of the state, but here we name the most popular:
•       “Maíz”  (Corn) with cream cheese and green chile rajas
•       Beef with “Colorado” (red) chile
•       Made of vegetables
•       With pork and green salsa
•       With fish or shrimp
•       Chicken beans or brown sugar

Sonoran Drinks. 
Beverage production is based on region, altitude and micro-climates, as each elements introduces its own variances. The dominance of flora such as Lechuguilla, with which the liquor Bacanora is produced, provides unique flavoring on a regional basis.

The mountainous lowlands are responsible for the creation and development of Bacanora.

Moreover, there are some vineyards established on the coast of Sonora with native grape plants which were imported by conquistadors, missionaries, or by Indian races, immigrants from Asia and Europe mainly, who have led to the production of white and red wines in industrial and domestic plants.

Sonoran Meats  
The Sonoran cuisine is distinguished from the rest of the country by the taste of the beef and its traditional roasts in firewood, even the kitchen is part of the diet in which most dishes are based in the region, but particularly Sonora is recognized for the quality of its fine cuts.
In addition to the Sonoran roasts you can find a variety of traditional Sonoran dishes which are made with beef, such as:
•      “Desebrada” (shredded) meat
•      Beef with green rajas
•      Burritos with flour tortilla
•      Meat with red chile
•      Beef sausages
•      Carne seca (Dried meat)
•      Machaca
•      Meat tostadas
•      Gorditas con carne
•      Meat Sopes
•      Grilled tripe
•      Meatballs
•      Chuletas Bisteck (steak) a la mexicana

Sonoran Broths and Soups
Sonora’s broths, stews and soups are the result of ancient recipes that are characterized by and that contemplate combine native spices with meat, vegetables, beef bones, seafood and other ingredients to create the following dishes:
•      Beef broth
•      Vegetables soup
•      Quelite Broth
•      Cocido
•      Enchiladas Sonorenses
•      Wheat Pozole
•      Beef Pozole
•      Menudo con pata
•      Verdolaga broth
•      Corn soup
•      Pumpkin broth
•      Shrimp soup
•      Seafood soups and broths