Only Sonora


You are welcome in Sonora
The outline of our program Only Sonora (unique in the country) lets you enter through any of the border ports of Sonora: San Luis Rio Colorado, General Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta), Nogales, Naco, Agua Prieta and the port of Guaymas.
The territory marked on the following map of our state, without having to comply with   any license or permit application, or payment.
If your final destination is a place in the State of Sonora outside the area of free movement, you can import your vehicle temporarily up    180 days   over a period of 12 months, less paperwork and lower cost:


Unexpired plates
Unexpired vehicle registration or unexpired title with valid insurance (Registration)
Credential passport or unexpired resident permit 
Driver's license
$59.16 Dlls.
At Banjercito windows: $22.00 Dlls. Más IVA
At the Consulate General of Mexico in Phoenix, Arizona: $36.00 Dlls. Más IVA
Through Internet

In both cases, the vehicle   must be driven   by the owner, spouse, parents, children or siblings provided they are foreigners or Mexicans living abroad.
If the vehicle is driven by someone else, the owner must be on board.
In both cases, you must carry at all times the immigration form   granted to you by the National Institute of Migration (FMT, FM2,   FM3 or FME, as appropriate).



If your destination is a place outside the State of Sonora, your procedure must be a normal temporary importation like the rest of the country, according to the following documentation:


  • Documents proving your immigration status
  • Document indicating the legal ownership of the vehicle or lease


If the payment is in cash, it must grant a guarantee according to the model of the vehicle in the following terms:

2007 onwards
400 Dlls
2001 - 2006 300 Dlls
Prior models to 2000 200 Dlls

Other vehicles 

• Motorhomes. One trailer driven or transported
• In conjunction with the importation of the motor home, you can make the temporary importation of motorcycles, threewheelers, ATV 's , jet skis or recreational carts.
• Boats, sailing yachts or tourist recreational or sporting that are more than four and a half meters long.

If you exceed the above limits, the vehicle is considered illegal, to avoid penalties and seizure of your vehicle, the following is recommended:
• You cannot drive the vehicle
• Arrange the administrative facility called “Retorno Seguro” (Safe Return) through which three to five days are awarded so you can return the vehicle abroad legally.