IT WAS NAMED FOR EUSEBIO FRANCISCO KINO, WHO VISITED THIS PLACE DURING HIS EVANGELIZATION PROJECT IN THE XVII CENTURY. Many years before The Seris indigenous people were established in this coastal zone, their traditions and culture are still alive. Nevertheless, it was a group of fishermen who settled in this place in 1930 and founded it as Old Kino. This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful beach destinations of Sonora and even Mexico, where the sea, fine white sands and the desert come together. This is the personal paradise of the people from Hermosillo, and is only 107 km away from the State’s Capital.


This important center serves to pro- mote the antique Seri Culture. It hosts a collection of photographs, musical instruments such as violins, clothing, pots, baskets and traditional ironwood figures of this tribe. It also shares information about the traditions and festivities of this ethnic group. Located on Av. Mar de Cortes.


This interpretation center was built by the Mexican Government, the European Community and non-governmental organisations. Inside is a collection of photographs and graphics that explain the importance of nature and the different ecosystems of Sonora. Ph: 01 (622) 221 0400/0300.


Considered as an ecological reserve where human settlements are not allowed, this magnificent island is the largest in Mexico (1,200 sq/km) and home of many endangered species such as rams and reptiles. Diving and sport fishing are some of the activities that are allowed here but only by having a permit given by the seri people.


Even though the original artisans live in Punta Chueca and El Desemboque, it is possible to find plenty of artistic spots that offer ironwood figures or large and small hand baskets of the seri people.


In the seri community of Punta Chueca (approximately 60 km north of Kino), New Year is celebrated every July 1st with traditional dances, typical food and a beverage prepared from the cactus fruit “pitahaya”.