Fishing in Sonora

Open Sea Fishing in Sonora 
Sonora has a privileged location, surrounded by the sea, desert and mountains. Therefore, visitors will always have something to do, including diving, sailing, sea and sweet-water and open-sea fishing, as well as ecological tourism.
The fisheries and aquaculture sector is one of the activities with greatest importance in the State, placing it in a national spotlight a productive level. Fishing activity is now concentrated in six fishing ports, the most important of which are Kino Bay, San Carlos and Puerto Peñasco.
Species that can be fished depend on the place you visit.
•      San Carlos is known as the "Jewel of the Sea of Cortez" and is undoubtedly the main destination in the State of Sonora to practice sport fishing. Its calm and warm waters, its climate, modern infrastructure which include marinas with 700 spaces for boats, shops that rent and sell fishing equipment and –the main attraction—more than 800 varieties of marine species, make this destination a place with great potential for the practice of this sport.
•      Puerto Peñasco is an ideal destination place for sport fishing and diving. It has 100 kilometers of beaches of fine texture conducive to enjoy calm waters and attractive estuaries which can be used for yacht rides.
It also has a huge potential for the development of sport fishing as it is located in one of the major gulfs with a great biodiversity of marine species.
•      Ideal for fishing practice is the Isla San Jorge, which is a set of rocky archipelagoes located just outside this same bay, near Puerto Peñasco, where you can catch attractive species like cochito, flounder, grouper, dolphin and an enormous fish called "la pescada,” which weighs up to 450 kilos.
•      There is now a marina with 14 spaces and a fishermen union which offers the fishing services at an average cost of $ 35 US dollars, a fee that includes a service rod, hook, bait and the filleting of the fish.
•      Kino Bay possesses a modern infrastructure, white sands, calm waters, a wide variety of species throughout the year, all of which are sufficient to support the infrastructure of this sport.

Sonora does not have an agreement for the distribution of fishing permits, however it does have the State of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
For information related to fishery legislation fishing or sub - delegation in Sonora:
Tel.- 01 (662) 222- 2676
Fax.- 222- 3802
Ave . Aquiles Serdan # 375 Altos, Centro, Guaymas, Sonora, Mx.

Summer is the best time of year to fish in San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, where mainly fishing trolling is done being achieved easily for species such as sailfish, dorado, tuna, skipjack, sierra and marlin.
Bottom-fishing is also practiced at this time, but is usually done in winter with species such as wavelet, calico, salmon and snapper, plus horse mackerel (yellow tail), which often weighs up to 40 pounds.
Meanwhile, the most viable seasons for fishing in Rocky Point are February, July, August and September. The cochito and wavelet are round. October to February is berry, caught, snapper, drumstick, corvina, mountains and pompano. In April, goldfish and sailfish are the most common catches.
Kino Bay has fishing giant squid, grouper quarry, paints, white and black, maidens, horse mackerel, sea bass, gold fish, skipjack tuna during various seasons of the year.



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