Fishing in Sonora  

Dam Fishing in Sonora 
Sport fishing in Sonora attracts thousands of visitors from all over. Currently, fishing tournaments around the dams of the state are held regularly with great success, which is why we provide a list of places favorite of those who practice this activity:
•      Lazaro Cardenas Dam  "La Angostura")
Municipality of Nacozari
2,100 hectares.
•      Abelardo L. Rodriguez Dam
Municipality of Hermosillo
10,000 hectares.
•      Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez dam
Municipality of Alamos
96,848 hectares.
•      Alvaro Obregon ( "Oviachic") Dam
Municipality of Cajeme
245,213 hectares.
•       Cuauhtemoc
Municipality of Atil
2,700 hectares.
•      El Molinito Dam
Municipality of Hermosillo
•      Ignacio Alatorre  Dam
Municipality of Guaymas
1,920 hectares.
•      Plutarco Elias Calles Dam ( "El Novillo")
Municipality of Soyopa
800 hectares.

Most Popular Fishing Tournament Dams 
 •      October 15 to 17 
Presa Angostura Lazaro Cardenas, Nacozari de Garcia, Sonora.
Contact: Luis Galáz Escoboza cel. 6343450136 Benjamin Ibarra Espinoza
tel: 6341053473, 6343420022
 •      October 22- 24 
Presa General Plutarco Elias Calles bullock, Soyopa, Sonora.
Contact: Alonso Sanchez Encinas H Soyopa City Council tel. 6231010945 cel. 6621996651
 •      November 19 to 21 
Presa General Alvaro Obregon Oviachic, Obregon, Sonora.
Contact: Joseph Hector Osuna Cibrian Tel 6444138749.
 •      April 1, 2 and 4 
General Plutarco Elias Calles Dam
bullock, Soyopa, Sonora.
2o. International Competition for bass fishing.

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