By: Visit Sonora Blogger, Escritor.

1. 2022-05-18

The background of the brand is to unify the states bordering the Gulf of California

Hello! Welcome back to this VisitSonora blog, where you will find interesting articles related to our state from a tourism perspective. Today's installment revolves around an announcement made by the Governor of Sonora, Alfonso Durazo, on May 17 at a press conference where he announced the creation of the Sea of Cortez tourism brand.
The background of the brand is to unify the states bordering the Gulf of California (Sonora, Nayarit, Sinaloa, Baja California, and Baja California Sur) to promote themselves as a unified entity from a touristic perspective, "in such a way that this will boost the capacity or dynamize, expand the touristic potential of the region as a whole", said Durazo Montaño.
In this sense, he also announced that negotiations are underway with a group of investors who are interested in promoting cruise ship service in the Sea of Cortez that can visit different destinations in this region. "Where there are natural beauties, small docks with palapa and bathrooms will be built so that cruise ships can arrive, anchor, and take boats down to the beach, as happens in practically every place in the world," said the Governor.
    The idea is that there will be a diversity of options and the departure points will be Puerto Peñasco, due to its competitiveness in the perception of North American tourism, and La Paz, due to the important number of flights that its international airport has. "Our goal is to attract 100,000 cruise passengers out of the 25 million that exist globally. Those 100 thousand would generate an income of 600 million dollars. There are already companies interested in the project, and there would be 4 small ships here," he concluded.
    Also, as part of this initiative is the idea of acquiring ferries with a capacity of up to 200 people to establish short, interchangeable, and inter connectable trips between San Blas, Mazatlan, Topolobampo, Guaymas, Puerto Peñasco, San Felipe, Santa Rosalia, Loreto, and La Paz.
    The advantage is that any of these activities can provoke a domino effect. The need to professionalize services and adequate infrastructure increases, which translates into job creation and improved tourist satisfaction. All these plans have the same objective of unifying efforts to increase the attractiveness of the region, attract more visitors, and attract tourists with higher per person consumption averages.
    Would you like to cruise the Sea of Cortez with this connectivity of destinations? Stay tuned to the VisitSonora blog for updates!