By: Visit Sonora Blogger, Escritor.

1. 2022-07-17

Artistic, gastronomic, and cultural presentations were held at the venue.

Howdy! Welcome to the VisitSonora blog, where you will find valuable information about our state that will help you on your next visit. Today we have something important to tell you about, and it's about something called Sonora Month in none other than Washington D.C., the capital of the United States.

With the support of the Mexican Embassy in the United States, the Government of the State of Sonora, in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism, was able to bring a taste of our state to the facilities of the Mexican Institute of Culture.

The Mexican Embassy in the United States, headed by Esteban Moctezuma Barragan, promotes this type of exposition for all the entities of the country, and in this case, offered space and logistical support for Sonora to exhibit its attributes in the North American capital.

Artistic, gastronomic, and cultural presentations were held at the venue, such as the presentation of the traditional Danza del Venado, the screening of the short film "Casino del Diablo" by Sonoran producer Oliver Rendón; also, a bacanora mixology show by chef Manuel Salcido and a Sonoran cooking workshop by Marcelo Aguilar, in addition to a mapping presentation of the missions of Father Kino.

But the most significant was the photographic and cultural exhibition "Sonora, a treasure to discover" with 40 photographs by Sonoran photographers, which highlighted the main destinations of the state, as well as its culture, flora, and fauna, not to mention some photos of members of native peoples, as well as incredible landscapes that can only be found in Sonora. The photographs created a positive impact and great acceptance by those present who were able to contemplate them during the time they were mounted.

Alfonso Durazo, Governor of the State of Sonora, commented that it was an honor to present at the Mexican Institute of Culture the historical and extraordinary beauty of Sonora, which will allow tourism to become one of the fundamental sources of income for Sonoran families, making this initiative a strategy whose adjacent idea was to extend an invitation and awaken an interest in the participants to visit our state.

We are sure that with this activity we will have more visitors from this country!