By: Visit Sonora Blogger, Escritor.

1. 2023-01-31

Bacanora is distinguished for being 100% Sonoran because for its preparation it is necessary to use the Pacific Agave

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Today is the turn to talk about a drink that, in addition to being representative of our entity nationally, has an interesting cultural and historical past. This is the famous Bacanora. The "denomination of origin" that the state holds over Bacanora is nothing more than the process of differentiating a product by its authenticity related to a particular region, with traditional, historical, cultural characteristics, and of course, the geographical conditions in which it is produced and the natural resources it is made from. Examples of this type of drink with a denomination of origin would be sake in Japan and tequila in Jalisco, to name a few.

Bacanora is distinguished for being 100% Sonoran because for its preparation it is necessary to use the Pacific Agave (also called Agave Yaquiana), a species of angustifolia agave, endemic to our state, meaning unique to the northern region. The history of this drink dates back approximately three centuries, in Bacanora, a small town in the mountains that gives the same name to the strong mezcal.

It is almost mandatory to mention a certain fact about Bacanora that gives it a legendary aura, and that is that for 70 years its production, commercialization, or consumption was prohibited by the then governor, General Plutarco Elías Calles (1915). The reason cited by the politician at that time was that the drink was so strong, ethically speaking, that it could "immoralize" the townspeople. The prohibition was abolished in 1992 and since then the Bacanora industry has experienced a sort of boom, which is what is being experienced now.

Today we can enjoy its pure flavor or prepare it with delicious recipes. Our friend Joan Coronado, promoter of the Bacanora Route, shared with VisitSonora two recipes that you might like: the first is to mix one ounce of Bacanora with hot milk, coffee, sweetener to taste, and cinnamon, for a coffee option. For a fresher version, you can mix one ounce of our elixir of the gods with ice, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, grapefruit soda, and a pinch of chiltepín (yes, the chili).

The next time you visit Sonora, be sure to try Bacanora, you will taste a little bit of our state in every sip!