By: Visit Sonora Blogger, Escritor.

1. 2023-02-28

The Guinness Record was broken with an incredible total of 2,184 participants.

Sonora is celebrating! For the first time in history, our state has broken the Guinness Record for "the largest number of people barbecuing meat at the same time" with an incredible total of 2,184 participants, through the event called "The World's Biggest Carne Asada 2023", which was primarily organized by the Sonoran Foundation for High-Performance Sports (Fusadar).
Amidst the smell of charcoal preparing the meat and the taste of thousands of delicious tacos accompanied by their respective sauces, lime, guacamole, onions, and more, this charity event to support Sonoran athletes managed to take the title from Canada, which previously held it with a number of participants close to a thousand.
Thousands of people from Hermosillo and some visitors gathered with their families on Hidalgo Boulevard to witness the great barbecue, where even the Federal Tourism Secretary, Miguel Torruco, the Governor of the State, Alfonso Durazo, and the State Tourism Secretary, Celida Lopez, were present.
Let's continue promoting Sonora as the wonder it is, with its delicious food, the historical and cultural identity that each of its towns holds, and the amenities of its tourist destinations.
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