Land of Generals

For its 120 kilometers of coastline, the so-called “land of generals” has found a way of life in fishing and tourism. Las Bocas, Bajerobeta, El Tojahui, El Riito, Camahuiroa, The Baths of Agiabampo and Huatabampito, its emblematic beach, are some of its most important destinations. Within these beautiful surroundings, it is possible to carry out different activities, ranging from the recreational and adventure, to culinary and cultural ones.


It is a small and busy beach villa. It has a beautiful bay of fine sand and shallow waters. There is a small hotel and some restaurants. It is located only 15 kilometers west of Huatabampo.

Attractions: kayaking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking

Yávaros Port

Every day, about 2 thousand small fishing boats, manned by two fishermen, enter the waters of the Santa Clara Gulf to earn their livelihood and supply fresh shrimp to the community.

Attractions: panga rides, walks, local festivities

Las Bocas beach

It is a popular weekend and holiday destination for people from southern Sonora (especially from the city of Navojoa) and northern Sinaloa, which has its peak of visitors during the Holy Week period.

Attractions: echo phenomenon of the north beach

Álvaro Obregón Museum

It is the house inhabited by General Álvaro Obregón Salido and his family. There are exhibited photographs, clothes he wore, a limousine of the 20s, documents and old newspapers. It is located half a block from the town hall.

Attractions: recurring special events and exhibitions

Temple of the Holy Trinity

Built in 1950, it displays two towers and beautiful stained-glass windows. His style is simple and humble; nevertheless, it stands out in its surroundings for its white facades and architectural finish. It has a bronze bell cast in 1798.

Attractions: Festivities of the Holy Trinity

City Hall

The most interesting part of this site, built in 1929, is the fact that General Álvaro Obregón left here for the Mexican Revolution. Its facade is the result of a special technique of flattening lime and sand.

Attractions: proximity to points of interest, FAOT in Alamos.

City Hall Viva Huatabampo

Average temperature:

74.1 ° F

High season:

March to June

Type of tourism:

Beach / Youth / Ecological

Distance from HMO:

217.48 mi (4.5 hours)


Taxi / Urban bus

Mapa de Huatabampo