Puerto Peñasco

Rocky Point

A Seaside Haven

Located between the Sea of ​​Cortez and the Sonoran Desert, it is a destination that has a unique natural wealth. Here you will find high level tourist complexes, exclusive golf courses, high quality services, gourmet restaurants and countless opportunities for water activities; but, above all, you will approach a warm community of fishing origin with a great vocation for service. Being an area of ​​free access from the United States, it is very visited by inhabitants of Arizona.

El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve

A natural site declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2013. It has the largest active dune field in North America and a spectacular volcanic shield where lava flows, cineritic cones and giant craters converge.

Attractions: Schuk Toak Museum, volcanic peaks, craters, sand dunes

13th Street

Also known as “Tijuanitas”, this famous and old port road houses a wide range of commercial establishments, mostly Mexican and international food, as well as bars and ice cream shops.

Attractions: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, boutiques

Boardwalk Founders

Newly remodeled, it is a meeting place for its inhabitants and tourists. It houses an important part of the gastronomic offer of the port, as well as places dedicated to the sale of handicrafts and local products.

Attractions: Luis Donaldo Colosio Square, monument to the shrimper.

Rey del May: King of the Sea

It is already a Rocky Point tradition to contemplate this pirate ship crossing the bay every afternoon, throughout the year. The iconic boat offers music, dance, food, and lots of fun onboard for the visitor and the locals.

Attractions: Good atmosphere, dinner, open bar included in the ticket

Rocky Point Rally

Every November and lasting four days, participants and spectators from the United States, Canada and Mexico meet at the most important motorcycling event in the region. Literally, the city is full of bikers.

Attractions: motorized bowling and darts, low-speed racing

San Jorge Island

It is considered one of the main reproduction areas for sea lions in Mexico. There are tour operators that offer guided tours in Rocky Point. The island is located one hour south of the city’s coast.

Attractions: Sport fishing, snorkeling, diving, wildlife sighting

La Choya

To the west of the city, a rocky peninsula shelters a picturesque village at the foot of its monumental hill. The place adjoins a gigantic estuary where it is possible to see and interact with its beautiful aquatic life.

Attractions: Collection of small marine species, off road riding

Cet-Mar Aquarium

It is a didactic space that offers information on the behavior of different marine ecosystems. It shelters sea turtles, manta rays and other species, some of which are endemic to the Gulf of California.

Attractions: interact with sea lions, help preserve the enclosure


The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans is a non-profit organization dedicated to investigating the Sonoran desert and the northern Gulf of California, as well as conserving natural resources.

Attractions: aquarium open to the public, ecological tours, talks

Patos Racetrack

It is a racetrack designed for all-terrain vehicles. Here important competitions are carried out. It is located 5 kilometers north of the city, on the road that leads to Sonoyta.

Attractions: Competitions, cars of all types, relaxed atmosphere


Few people imagine that Rocky Point is a wonderful destination to play golf. The port city has three beautiful fields (two designed by Jack Nicklaus himself) surrounded by the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez.

Attractions: Las Palomas, Península de Cortés at Mayan Palace Hotel, The Club at Laguna del Mar

Whale sighting

Whether they are hunchbacked or gray, the world’s largest mammals travel thousands of kilometers during the winter to reach the warm waters of the Sea of Cortés and settle during the months of January to March.

Attractions: Boat trips, photographs, birth of calves

Sport fishing

The waters of the port represent a good opportunity to carry out an incredible fishing. Within the great diversity of species allowed for the activity, the most popular are sierra, cochito, curbina, cabrilla and botete.

Attractions: Wide offer of charters, availability all year

Oyster Farms

Enjoy the taste of fresh oysters and live the experience of extracting them on your own in one of the three farms located 7 km from Puerto Peñasco, all recognized worldwide for the quality of the product.

Attractions: tours, guided tours, fresh dishes

City Hall Rocky Point CVB

Average temperature:

January  66 – 43 °F
February  73 – 48 °F
March  77 – 50 °F
April  81 – 54 °F
May  86 – 59 °F
June  90 – 64 °F
July  93 – 68 °F
August  95 – 68 °F
September  95 – 68 °F
October  90 – 57 °F
November  77 – 50 °F
December  70 – 46 °F

High season:

February to April

Type of tourism:

Beach / Youth / Ecological

Distance from HMO:

286.4 mi (5.5 hours)


Taxi / Urban bus

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