Álamos, la ciudad de los portales


The City of Los Portales

Also known as “The City of Los Portales”, Álamos will surprise you with its magnificent architecture, a fusion between Spanish baroque and indigenous. Walking through its cobbled streets and alleys, through its restored old mansions, or between its historical and religious buildings, is like traveling through time to another era. It is the venue for the most important cultural event in the Northwest, the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado International Festival (FAOT), since it is the birthplace of the famous doctor, tenor and composer to whom the celebration refers.

Parish of La Purísima Concepción

Impressive baroque construction dating from the eighteenth century. Its elegant architecture, conformed by three main naves, conserves in its interior some fine furniture made of excellent quality wood.

Attractions: 19th century saints, patron saint festivities

Main Square – (Arms Square) (Plaza de Armas)

Surrounded by palm trees and gardens, in the heart of Alamos was built its most important public space: the main square, beautiful area with a Moorish kiosk in the center that invites you to spend a pleasant time in its surroundings.

Attractions: shops, occasional artistic presentations

Plaza Alameda (Alameda Square)

Active point of the town, surrounded by commerce and services, where you can eat, buy handicrafts or observe the local’s routine. It is wise to think that it has poplars due to its name and the city to which it belongs to.

Attractions: shops and stalls, corridors.

City Hall

Beautiful building of sturdy brick structure supported by 48 iron columns; its ocher facade shows an archway, a tower and large windows. The property dates back to 1899 and it is very difficult to pass unnoticed.

Attractive: central courtyard, huge skylight, excellent conservation

Kiss alley

It is one of the first constructions of the town and, as in many of its stories of love, the place went through difficult times: it was almost destroyed by a flood in 1768. It is said that those who kiss here forever seal their love.

Attractive: their stories and legends of love


It is the evocation of the old mining splendor, when the silver of the area was minted for countries such as the United States, China, India and England. It began to function as a coin shop in 1827. Today is a school.

Attractions: its architecture and history

Lookout (El Mirador)

There is a beautiful kiosk at the top of El Perico hill from which you can see the whole valley, including a beautiful panoramic view of Alamos. It is possible to access it by driving or even walking.

Attractions: store, toilets, crafts trade

Hacienda de Los Santos

Three colonial mansions and the sugar mill were connected to each other by cobblestone roads, bridges and brick corridors, to become a beautiful boutique hotel and one of the best spa resorts in the world

Attractions: gardens, decoration and colonial art, figures of saints

Municipal Pantheon

You can see crypts in this mysterious and historic place, some belonging to important local characters, dating from the mid-seventeenth century. Its atmosphere of afterlife invites you to look for the legends of the region.

Attractions: more than 1,200 tombs, occasional events

Alamos’ House of Culture

It is located in a building whose origin was a public jail in 1750. Later, it was renovated to its current appearance, with the exception of the terrace, built at the end of the 19th century. It is considered a historical monument by INAH.

Attractions: austere Spanish baroque style, occasional events and exhibitions

Museum of María Félix

Owned by Canadian Lynda Barondes, it is one of the main attractions of the town. In the beginning, it operated in the house that saw the birth of La Doña; however, it had to be sold and, in an act of rescue, the museum was relocated.

Attractions: more than 700 pieces, some authentic personal items

Customary Museum of Sonora

This large enclosure, housed in a building of the seventeenth century, represents a historic, economic, social and cultural tour of the region. Its collection consists of photographs, documents and machinery that recall the mining Alamos.

Attractions: almost 5 thousand original pieces, artistic workshops, guided tours, theater, dance.

La Colorada Park

Private initiative that responds to the need of Alamos people to conserve one of the largest examples of deciduous lowland jungle in the world. Access is free, but donations are accepted to support the care of the area.

Attractions: Recreational areas, educational tours, children’s activities, hiking

La Aduana

Just 10 kilometers to the west, is located this picturesque town hidden in the Sierra de Alamos. There is a deep devotion to the Virgin of Balvanera, due to a legend associated with the discovery of a mine.

Attractions: Church of the Virgin of Balvanera, craft shop

The Cuchujaqui

The Protected Area of ​​Flora and Fauna “Sierra de Álamos Cuchujaqui River” is one of the sites of highest biological diversity in the national Northwest; It contains at least 1 thousand 200 species of plants and 572 of vertebrates.

Attractions: bird sighting, sport fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding

International Film Festival: Magic Alamos

The also called FICAM is an encounter that seeks to share and bring to the world new expressions of cinematographic art, emphasizing documentaries inspired by Sonora and the border regions of northern Mexico.

Attractions: free access, talks, workshops, alleyways

Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival

After the Cervantino, there is no cultural event in Mexico of greater size and with greater convocation than the FAOT. It is a week in which Álamos is full of music, of course, but also other forms of expressions and a great atmosphere.

Attractions: international poster, activities on all streets and points of interest

Ayuntamiento OCV de Álamos

Average temperature:

74.1 ° F

High season:

January to March

Type of tourism:

Cultural / Religious / Nature

Distance from HMO:

234.5 mi (4.5 hours)


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