Magdalena de Kino

Magdalena de Kino

Magical Town Distinguished By Its Cultural Heritage

Its fascinating history lasts to this day, not by coincidence it is one of the 132 Magical Towns that exist in Mexico. It is the dwelling place of the remains of the missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino and one of the places where San Francisco Javier is most worship, who, like Father Kino, was a Jesuit. Its foundation dates back to 1687, and you can already guess the name of the person in charge. Like other Sonoran missions, it stands out for its colonial atmosphere, the warmth of its spaces, and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Religious Center of Our Lady of Mary Magdalene

The spiritual center of the town, consisting of a temple and a chapel where the image is venerated, and a splinter of bone, from San Francisco Javier. It is a beautiful religious complex that was originated from a small church that Father Kino installed in that same place.

Attractions: Local festivities, figure, and relics of San Francisco Javier

Mission of San Ignacio de Caborica

Adjacent to Magdalena is this mission and its sacred chapel. To date, it retains some original architectural elements, such as a spiral staircase made of mesquite wood. It is one of the missions of the Pimería Alta.

Attractions: Small museum of sacred art

Mausoleum of Father Kino

In this dome, the remains of the great evangelizer are exhibited, after they were discovered in 1966. The skeleton is more than 300 years old and, less than 5 years ago, the INAH ruled that it is in perfect condition.

Attractions: Pictorial exhibition by Sonora artist Nereo de la Peña

Eusebio Francisco Kino Museum

Exhibition of indigenous objects from the region, such as clothing, weapons, and photographs. It has an impressive collection of pots from the Trincheras culture, as well as the original record signed by those who discovered the remains of Father Kino.

Attractions: Objects with important historical weight

Town ​​Hall

Before: a military academy for children; today: a real showcase, and a must-see, of the city. It imposes and pleases for the mixture of colonial and modern influences, as well as its modern art and its stained-glass windows. A few meters from the Jardín Juárez.

Attractions: Colorful stained-glass windows and murals that tell the local story

Presidents Hall

Located inside the Municipal Palace, it offers the opportunity to see the scene where the former Mexican president Luis Echeverría Álvarez and his American counterpart, Gerald Ford, met in 1974. It is a small and curious museum of that occasion.

Attractions: Furniture, photographs, and showcases with crafts and objects of the time.

Monumental Square

Space where the efforts to preserve the culture and history of the people converge. Here are the Padre Kino mausoleum and the main church, previously mentioned, as well as other attractions. It is the seat of great civic and patronal events.

Attractions: Monument to Colosio, ice cream shops, crafts, clothes, restaurants.

Fiestas of San Francisco Javier

During the last week of September and the first of October, the largest celebration of the city is held. This is attended by hundreds of thousands of parishioners, several on foot from Nogales (a famous example is Brandon Flowers, vocalist of The Killers).

Attractions: Cultural exchange, music, food, live performances.

Tourist and Commercial Corridor

Through this great “corridor” an extensive variety of Mexican products is offered. The stalls and shops are within walking distance of the Monumental Plaza, or adjoining. For the trained eye, it is said, there are unique and valuable items, such as religious relics.

Attractions: Great variety of art and crafts.

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