Ciudad Obregón

Ciudad Obregon

The municipal seat of Cajeme, Ciudad Obregon is located south of the Sonoran geography, right in the heart of the Yaqui Valley. It is a young city that makes its way on the map because of the quality of its people and its services. His vocation is in the field, however, technological development and research have marked its production environment. Ideal for doing business and be captivated by a community that works together with the Yaqui tribe in building a better future.

Nainari Lagoon

Although it is man-made, this is a place of great tradition among Cajemenses. It measures 2 kilometers in diameter and ideal for water sports. It is also the scenery of marathons, bicycle races, and sports competitions.

Attractions: Dancing fountains, boat rides, zip line, snacks, walks.

The Discobolus

To honor the Cajemense athletes, a beautiful representation of the famous Greek sculpture made by Miron de Eleuteras was made in bronze. It is a meeting point for runners, located in front of the Nainari Lagoon.

Attractions: Waterfalls that offer a great show.

Ostimuri Children’s Park

This amusement park and formerly a zoo, located in the vicinity of the Náinari Lagoon, allows a wide variety of activities to be carried out, from the usual swings and slides to mechanical games and water attractions.

Attractions: A huge steel slide, recurring special events.

“Antonio Sánchez Ibarra” Cajeme Planetarium

A space for star gazing and investigation, accompanied by an explanation by the planetarium guide. It is part of the facilities of the Ostimuri Children’s Park.

Attractions: 7-meter diameter screening room with a vaulted ceiling.

Alvaro Obregon Sports Center

Located in the northern part of the Nainari Lagoon, where you can watch and practice different sports: baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, or swimming. Since 1975, it has been a seedbed for great athletes and an important pillar of the community.

Attractions: Public pool, functional facilities, drinking fountains, bathrooms.

Ciudad Obregon Golf Club

In 1968, an English descendant named Percy Clifford designed a 9-hole course; later, in 1972 it was expanded to 18 (par of 72), in an area of ​​148 acres. There are tournaments throughout the year.

Attractions: Private pool, bar, special events area.

Alvaro Obregon Square

Within all the squares of the city, this is considered the most popular meeting point of the Cajemenses, since on its sides are located the Cathedral, the Municipal Palace, the Monumental Clock, and, of course, the statue of General Alvaro Obregon.

Attractions: Year-round celebrations, food, and beverage stalls, trees, flowers.

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the most attractive and modern religious buildings in Sonora. It was built in 1977, inside, the main element is the 2.5-ton altarpiece with bronze and marble figures.

Attractions: The composition of the altarpiece, its Sunday masses.

Dr. Oscar Russo Vogel Theater

It is a modern cultural space where plays, concerts, and business conventions are presented. It belongs to the Technological Institute of Sonora and has a capacity for 800 people, with seats for assistants with disabilities.

Attractions: Mural by Héctor Martínez Arteche on the façade.


The South, especially Ciudad Obregon, due to its cultural richness and dynamic history, has museums that cover various historical periods or cultural expressions. The most important are Museo Sonora en la Revolucion Museum and De Los Yaquis Museum.

Attractions: Extensive options and recurring exhibits.

Municipal Market

Also known as Mercajeme, it had its beginnings as a shoe factory and welding workshop. After several renovations, it was erected as a two-story building (and a rooftop area as a parking lot) that spans an entire block.

Attractions: More than 150 shops where you will find almost anything.

Alvaro Obregon Dam

Its viewpoint is one of the main recreational destinations in the area. It is recognized for its green areas, good for camping, and its calm waters, ideal for water activities. On its side is the Oviachic Recreational Park, home to tall poplars.

Attractions: Sailing, volleyball, fishing, jet skiing, camping.

Eco Camp Inn

Fun and adventure of another level. One day is not enough to do all the activities that this place has to offer. In addition, it has areas for camping and cabin rental, so you can spend a weekend of fun.

Attractions: Donkey cart ride, making panela cheese, bonfires and excursions, zip lines, mountain biking, gotcha field.

City Hall Ciudad Obregon VCB

Average temperature::

January 25 – 10 °C
February 27 – 11 °C
March 27 – 12 °C
April 31 – 15 °C
May 35 – 19 °C
June 37 – 24 °C
July 37 – 26 °C
August 36 – 26 °C
September 36 – 24 °C
October 33 – 21 °C
November 32 – 14 °C
December 25 – 11 °C

High season:

May and June

Type of tourism:

Business / Gastronomic / Cultural

Distance from HMO:

155 mi (3 hours)


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