The Main Port of Sonora

The main port of Sonora, the cradle of three presidents of the Republic and place of great histories (it is said that in Guaymas baseball was practiced for the first time in Mexico). The Port proudly carries the title of "Heroic", because Mexican soil was defended with courage on July 13, 1854, against the French invasion. It has a large hotel infrastructure and restaurants, as well as a ferry that connects with Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, and an international airport.

Cruise Terminal

With everything necessary for the comfort of the tourist boat visitor, it is a place of leisure and recreation fully equipped, and thought, for the pleasure of the international tourist. Attractions: rest areas.

Tourist Boardwalk Monumento al pescador, Malecón Guaymas

Cheerful meeting point for families and visitors. At weekends, its walker is filled with the aroma of regional snacks that are prepared there and the good mood that urban artists display on the street. Attractions: beautiful views, Mexican food, Fisherman's Monument.

San Carlos Beaches

It is considered the great tourist gem of the State. With the "World’s Best Ocean View", granted by National Geographic, it is located just 15 kilometers from Guaymas. Attractions: Tetakawi Mountain; Scenic Lookout; beaches of Los Algodones, San Francisco, Piedras Pintas; Nacapule Canyon; El Soldado Estuary.

Historical Legacy 

Between the Aquiles Serdán and Abelardo L. Rodríguez avenues are the Municipal Palace, Municipal Market, Old Bank of Sonora and Los Tres Presidentes Square, beautiful buildings that bear witness to the history of Guaymas. Attractions: architecture, history, crafts, regional food.

San Fernando church

Much-loved by its inhabitants and parishioners, this place is the spiritual pillar for the people of Guaymas. Built in 1850 by the entire community, without any distinction: all contributed money or labor. Attractions: restored dome, images, and sacred sculptures.
City Hall Guaymas CVB
Average temperature: January: 75 - 57 °F February: 76 - 58 °F March: 79 - 60 °F April: 83 - 64.5 °F May: 89.5 - 69.5 °F June: 93.5 - 77 °F July: 96 - 81.5 °F August: 96 - 81 °F September: 95.5 - 80.5 °F October: 90.5 - 73.5 °F November: 82 - 64 °F December: 75 - 58 °F High season: February to July Type of tourism: Historical / Religious / Beach Distance from HMO: 134.1 km (1.5 horas) Mobility: Uber / Taxi / Urban bus Mapa de Guaymas