Hermosillo de noche


The City Of The Sun

As the capital of the State, it brings together much of Sonora’s character with an increasingly cosmopolitan vision that is sensitive to today’s great issues: it is frantic but loves to relax watching its sunsets; it is innovative and open but attached to its roots and traditions. What’s new thing arises every day, for that reason it is considered young in spirit and blood. Due to its capital and business condition, its main tourist activity is business; nevertheless, the City of the Sun knows how to have fun, and in a big way.

Historic Downtown

Its landmark is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. Around it is the City Hall, Zaragoza Square, Alfonso Vidal Square, Bicentenario Square and various shops, restaurants, and bars.

Attractions: Local festivities, historic architecture, local and international cuisine.


You will find the Municipal Market and other historical buildings of governmental order, such as those arranged at Hidalgo Square. Its nightlife and cultural activity have been in full swing, due to the sharp proposal of several businesses.

Attractions: Bars of all types (live music, craft beer, LGBT).

Cerro de la Campana

Also in Downtown, you will find the most representative symbol of Hermosillo and a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Its name is due to the sound produced by the rocks when you have them bump against each other.

Attractions: Lookout, running and cycling, snacks, occasional events.

Parque Madero and Parque Infantil

Not only a lung of the city but also the most enjoyable children’s spaces. Facing each other, both were modernized in a beautiful way in recent years, taking into account the safety and tastes of its visitors.

Attractions: Traditional and mechanical games, setting, occasional events.

Villa de Seris

Are you looking for local sweets and treats as coyotas, wafers, jamoncillos or chiltepin pepper? This is the place. Is a historical postcard of the city and a bulwark of local gastronomy; with a colonial and simple appearance, with its cobbled streets, square and church.

Attractions: 100% Sonoran and handmade products, Los Tres Pueblos Square.


They are of all kinds and oriented to various themes, from children, such as La Burbuja Museo del Niño, to cultural diversity, being Museum of Popular and Indigenous Cultures of Sonora. Browse our section of museums.

Attractions: Extensive options and recurring international exhibitions.

Ecologic Center of Sonora

Beside approaching to nature, we seek to understand it, both in its use and in the planning and conservation of its resources. This is a place designed for the whole family to enjoy. Recently remodeled.

Attractions: 500 species of plants and animals; Eco Safari; Astronomical Observatory.

Kino Bay

A little over an hour away, Kino Bay is one of the most beautiful and safest beaches in Sonora and even in Mexico; therefore, it allows a wide range of activities to be carried out.

Attractions: Isla del Tiburón; New Year Seri; Punta Chueca; Kino Magico Water Park.

San Pedro El Saucito

It stands out for its marked gastronomic personality and its country atmosphere. Here you can try regional dishes: Gallina Pinta, Carne con Chile, Carne Asada, Tamales, Machaca Burros or “Sobaqueras” Tortillas. Eat them in situ, you will notice the local taste.

Attractions: Establishments and dishes variety, country spot rental.

La Pintada

37 miles south of the capital extends this wonderful site of cave paintings, shaped by the Seri and Pima cultures while sheltering in a mountainous area from the Spanish colonizers. Astound the techniques used to make the colors.

Attractions: Scenic beauty, more than 2 thousand paintings of human figures and animals.

Los Lagos Golf Club

Golf lovers will find in Hermosillo an excellent 18 holes course and 8 artificial lakes. The venue also serves as a social and business scenario, for events of various kinds.

Gastronomic Parks

The food trucks arrived in the city, both in concept and in culinary proposal. You will find them all and located in familiar and safe areas. Take a tour of La Ruina Park, Gastropark, La Campana, Las Vistas or El Estadio Food Trucks.

Attractions: Live music, children’s area, independent bar area, events.

Shopping Malls

Cinemas, boutiques, department stores, ice cream shops, shoe stores, customer service centers of various services, restaurants, casinos, banks, in short … the city has a mall for various types of pocket, tastes or, simply, convenience.

Attractions: Several alternatives, venues for important events and activities.

City Hall Hermosillo CVB

Average temperature:

January:  74.7 – 48.9 °F
February:  78.3 – 51.1 °F
March:  82.4 – 54.3 °F
April:  89.2 – 59 °F
May:  95.5 – 65.3 °F
June:  103.1 – 74.3 °F
July:  102.2 – 78.1 °F
August:  100 – 77.7 °F
September:  99 – 75.4 °F
October:  92.5 – 66.7 °F
November:  82.4 – 55.4 °F
December:  74.8 – 49.5 °F

High season:


Type of tourism:

Business / Historical / Gastronomic / Urban

Distance from CDMX:

1180.6 mi (2 hours of flight)


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