Main Border Crossing of the State

Not only the main border crossing of the State, but it is also a city that offers all the necessary services to pamper the national and foreign tourists. It stands out for its commercial dynamism and nightlife: during the day, get lost in its “curious” (handicrafts) stores, boutiques or imports; and, at night, enjoy a delicious dinner or have fun in one of its bars, casinos or nightclubs. For accommodation, don’t worry, it has one of the most complete hotels offers in Sonora.

Parish of the Immaculate Conception

It is almost 130 years of maintaining the Catholic faith on the border. His first record dates back to February 7, 1891, and it was a christening. Hard not to notice it in the first painting of the city: it is a beautiful construction of quarry and Californian air.

Attractions: Image of the Virgin Mary, annual kermes (October).

Benito Juárez Sculptural Ensemble

In the foreground, 6.9 meters high, the Benemérito de las Américas holding the Reform Laws; in the back, doubling the size, the famous “bichi monkey”, a sculpture that represents a naked Yaqui killing a chimera that symbolizes ignorance.

Attractions: Benito Juárez Square, nearby shops.

Flower Fair

Most important celebration in the city held every May 1st. It is also known as the Fiestas de Mayo and its main attraction is the presentations of the palenque, generally with artists of national stature. Its duration is 15 days.

Attractions: Pyrotechnics, dances, snacks, jaripeos, musical events.

Nogales Mall

Little by little, it has become a community benchmark for the Nogalense, since, in addition to housing shops, restaurants and cinema, the shopping complex is host to civic, cultural, school or animal events (adoption of pets).

Attractions: Concerts, dances, comic shows.

Morelos passage

Street closed to vehicular traffic where you can appreciate and acquire local and national crafts, mainly handmade objects made of leather, metal, wood and ceramics. It is two blocks from the main sentry box, located in the Center.

Attractions: Large number of stores, also called “curious”.

Regis Lounge

The history of the bar can be appreciated on its walls, and its community, since 1928, although its origin can be traced, unofficially, to 1909. Similar in style to a pub, it is an attraction that the American visitor has also endorsed. .

Attractions: Old central bar, delicious menu famous for its beer.

City Hall CVB Nogales

Average temperature:

January  61 – 32 °F
February  64 – 34 °F
March  68 – 36 °F
April  75 – 43°F
May  82 – 48 °F
June  91 – 57 °F
July  91 – 64 °F
August  90 – 63 °F
September  86 – 57 °F
October  79 – 43 °F
November  70 – 37 °F
December  91 – 32 °F

High season:

January to May and December

Type of tourism:

Business / Religious

Distance from HMO:

174 mi (3.5 hours)


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