Sierra-Mar Trail

The south of Sonora offers a spectacular route of natural beauty and cultural attractions. Tour the municipalities of Navojoa, Alamos, Etchojoa and Huatabampo where you can do endless cultural, ecotourism and adventure activities.


This Magical Town offers a colonial atmosphere, with centuries-old buildings and narrow cobbled alleys. It is a time journey. Among its attractions are its temple, the Costumbrista Museum and the House of María Félix.

La Aduana

It is a small town located 10 kilometers from Alamos. It was founded with a silver and turquoise mine; today, it is almost uninhabited (less than 250 inhabitants). Although it is considered almost a “ghost town”, it lives on tourism.

Sierra de Alamos and Cuchujaqui River Ecological Reserve

Its almost 230 acres are the habitat of endemic species, such as the Gila Monster and the Cinnamon Cuckoo. Among the activities for the visitor, it offers observation of flora and fauna, rappelling and camping.


Due to its excellent climate, it is ideal for sportfishing; deer, duck and dove hunting, ecological tours through the Sierra and the Mayo River. It has everything you need for rest and recreation.


It offers a wide variety of natural attractions on the banks of the Mayo River and on the coastline that shares with the Sea of ​​Cortez. It is ready for tourism, come and explore it.


Visit its beautiful beaches: Huatabampito, Las Bocas and Camahuiroa, sites that allow countless aquatic activities. The city itself retains great historical significance and offers a comfortable and pleasant stay.