Cinematografía en Sonora



The Sonora Film Commission is a specialized government organization, non-profit, formed by various institutions in order to attract productions that generate economic benefits, jobs, and visitors, which serves as support to producers and liaison with authorities and providers of services.


  • Promote locations to carry out small, medium or large scale productions.
  • Find the ideal locations for filming.
  • Conduct scoutings, accompany the producers and sell the place.
  • Serve as liaison with other authorities.
  • Offer advisory services.
  • Assistance in procedures for permits.
  • Provide a suppliers catalog and an image stock.

We are prepared for all sorts of production, short films, documentaries, telenovelas, national or international films.

The following are examples of some of the many productions already done:


If you are interested in learning more about locations in Sonora,
call +52 (662) 289 5800 ext.146
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