Consejos de viaje

Travel Tips

Travel Safely and Enjoy!


  1. Check the weather conditions of your destination and pack suitable clothes.
  2. If your destination is the beach, do not forget to bring sunscreen, after sun gel, a hat, a good book, and portable speakers, whatever you need to make your visit more pleasant.
  3. If you are traveling by plane (we have air connectivity to Hermosillo and Obregon):
    • Do not forget to keep a copy of your documents (passport, visas, driver’s license, and plane tickets) in your suitcase in case your luggage is stolen or lost. Another option is to leave a copy of your passport and itinerary with your family or friends so that they can send it to you by mail in case of emergency.
    • We recommend you carry a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage, in case your luggage is lost.
    • Do not forget to pack the charger of your smartphone, camera, computer or another electronic device that you carry with you.
  4. If you are traveling by road:
    • Check the mechanical and physical conditions of the vehicle.
    • Avoid driving if you drink alcohol and using your cell phone.
    • Use the safety belt, observe the speed limits and signs on the roads.
    • Find out about the roads that you will drive before.
    • Always carry a basic first-aid kit and water.



  1. Read the brochures and flyers of your room to find out what restaurants, attractions or hospitals are near the hotel, if necessary, or request information at the hotel desk.
  2. Use your GPS or Smartphone to find your position in the city, you can also download apps to locate sites of interest near you.
  3. Always go on excursions with specialized guides and tour operators, ask them to show you their permit or license.
  4. If you go to the beach or camping, dispose properly of garbage.